Welcome to Oakfield Vets. Best friends to your best friends.

Oakfield Vets in Atherstone, Tamworth and Castle Bromwich are passionate about providing the very best care for your pet.

Whenever you need advice, guidance or medical attention to keep your pets happy and healthy, Oakfield Veterinary Group is right there at your side.

We know how important your pets are to you and we do everything we can to give them the best possible care from the very start. That’s why our experienced and friendly staff will always ensure that they receive top quality treatment. Find out more by calling us, or pop into one of our surgeries in Atherstone, Tamworth or Castle Bromwich to register your pets with us. We look forward to meeting you.

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Dedicated staff

All our staff are fully trained to care for your pets.

We know your pet is an important member of your family and we treat each and every one of the animals we see with care, respect and dedication.

Best friends to your best friends

We go out of our way to give your pets the same care and attention that you would.

Caring for your pet, and you.

Animal owners are very important to us, so we do everything to ensure your visits to Oakfield are efficiently arranged and conducted.

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Oakfield Newsletter

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Welcome to the Oakfield Pet Health Club, an excellent way to ensure the best possible care for your pets at all times, whilst reducing your annual costs. Oakfield Veterinary Group has a highly trained team of dedicated staff who are all committed to keeping your pets healthy – not just treating them when they become ill.

The Oakfield Pet Health Club
The easy way to save on pet healthcare costs

  • FREE annual vaccinations

  • FREE puppy and kitten vaccination courses

  • FREE annual vet healthchecks

  • FREE nurse check every month

  • FREE flea, tick  and worm control

  • FREE microchipping (or single £10 voucher if already chipped)

  • FREE insurance form completion

  • Half price routine pet neutering

  • Half price dental work (excluding scale and polish)

  • Half price blood and urine tests

  • 20% off lifetime medications

  • 10% off pet shop sales

  • COST PRICE pet food


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